Ceiling mounted microwave presence/absence detector

The MPAD-C-230V is a stand alone mains voltage powered microwave presence/absence detector that provides automatic control of lighting loads with optional manual control.

The MPAD-C-230V detects movement using a highly sensitive microwave detector. This works by emitting low power microwave signals and measuring the reflections as the signals bounce off moving objects.

The output channel comprises a mains voltage relay capable of simple on/off switching.

This unit can operate both in presence and absence mode as well as in response to ambient daylight levels.

All functionality is fully programmable using an IR handset. (ordered separately).

Mpad C Dali 230v


  • Microwave Sensor: Detects movement within the unit’s detection range, allowing load control in response to changes in occupancy
  • IR Receiver: Receives control and programming commands from an IR (infrared) handset
  • Light Level Sensor: Measures the overall light level in the detection area
  • Status LEDs
  • Power Input & Output Connector: Used to connect power to the unit and to connect a switched load
  • Switch Input Connector: Two input terminals can be used to manually override the lights on or off

Code Compliance

  • Improves BREEAM & LEED scoring for building sustainability
  • Contributes to energy reduction targets under Climate Change Levy (CCL) and Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
  • Qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) applications
  • Delivers lighting control requirements under UK Building Regs - L2a & L2b and BRE: 498


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