System Accessories

In addition to our interfacing tools iLight also provide a number of accessories to further enhance the capability and usability of the iLight control system.

iCANnet Network Cable

iCANnet Cable

iCANnet Network Cable is specifically designed to connect between each device on an iLight control system and is low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) rated.

Icannet Cable 600x300px


Built-in relay and 1-10V current sinking interface used to integrate individual or a group of dimmable 1-10V ballasts/drivers to iLight’s DALI lighting control system.

Flt Dac Dali Dc1 600x300px
DALI Field Relay


The iLight Field Relay provides On/Off control and network connectivity. It uses advanced switching technology specifically designed to handle the large inrush currents and inductive loads found in lighting applications.

Flt Hprs Dali 600x300px
DALI Input Unit


Enables customer specified switches, sensors, time clocks or other on/off control devices to be incorporated into a standard DALI installation and provides up to four user configurable inputs. 

Dali I U 600x300px Acc
iCANnet Power Supply


The PSU-15-DIN10WC is a DINrail mounted power supply with a single fixed output rating of 10W at 15V.

Psu 15 Din10wc 600x300px
iCANnet Power Supply


The PSU-15-DIN30WC is a DINrail mounted power supply with a single fixed output rating of 30W at 15V.

Psu 15 Din30wc 600x300px


PSU-24AC-DIN provides a 24V AC output for powering the HVAC-1. With a 12VA output this is an ideal PSU where power isnt provided by the fan coil itself.

Psu 24ac Din 600x300px Cls Acc