The iLight network has been designed to offer total freedom and flexibility in system design.

iLight manufactures a range of integration tools to assist with the construction and configuration of the iCAN network and for interfacing with external system components.

The iLight network features distributed data processing and is truly scalable from 2 to 65,000 devices. There are virtually no limits as to what can be added to the system and with no central memory, components can easily be added or removed as required without major redesign.

Ethernet Gateway


The EG2-S provides Ethernet connectivity to the iCAN network for integration into our software services.

The EG2-S incorporates an intelligent bridge function which allows multiple systems to be joined over a secure Ethernet network.

Eg2s 600x400px Ni
TSE Touchscreen Interface


The TSI-1 Touchscreen Interface enables the use of multiple TSE55 and TSE80 colour touchscreens and ensures synchronization of screen configurations across an entire building installation and also facilitates connection to iLight’s TSEtouch app. 

Tsi1 600x400px Ni
Network to Network Bridge


The BN-2 bridging module allows 2 or more iLight iCANnet™ network segments to be connected together or arranged logically into floors or areas for ease of management.

Bn 2 D 600x300px Ni
Panel Network Interface


CR1-RJ is designed to simplify the connection of large panel enclosures to the iLight network, enabling a panel enclosure to sit on the network, but be internally terminated. 

Cr1 Rj 600x300px Ni
System Integrator Node


The SI-2-D System integration node is a DINrail mounted RS232 converter for interfacing with third-party devices to and from iLight’s iCANnet™ network.

Si 2 D 600x300px Ni
Relay Interface


RI-2 provides a versatile interface between an iLight system and other control systems. This compact unit can be mounted virtually anywhere. 

Ri2 600x300px Cls Ni
Universal Interface


A highly cost effective interface between an iLight lighting system and other control systems. Fitting in doublegang UK wallbox and powered through the iLight network cable.

Uig2 600x300px
Sensor Interface


The UIS enables 3 separate sensor groups with 6 sensors in total to be connected to iLight’s iCANnet™ lighting control network. 

Uis 600x300px Ni
mini universal interface


iLight network powered universal interface with 6 configurable inputs, each input can be individually configured as 0-5V analogue, digital or photoelectric cell inputs.

Uim 600x300px Ni
DINrail mount HVAC Controller


Ideal for individual room heating and cooling control. Each unit may be configured for the site application to control fan coil settings as well as underfloor heating.

Hvac1 600x360px Ni
3 Stage Relay Control for HVAC systems


The FR-3 is used to convert an analogue 0-10V control signal to 3 stages of relay switching output. FR-3 offers two selectable control options:-

Option 1: Heat/Cool used to sequence control 3 functions such as FAN/COOL/HEAT

Option 2: Step control used to operate 3 stages of plant such as Boilers, Chillers, Electric Heating and particularly used for switching 3 speed fans.

Fr 3 600x300px