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Monday 2nd April, 2018

This 4 channel feed through relay unit provides outstanding features and performance in a truly competitive and compact package. Each channel is rated for up to 32 amps and is designed to sit on load lines to switch heavy loads of all types.

Scmr0432 280px News

With iLight network connectivity, it has the capability of being linked with a virtually limitless number of other products to build up to any size of system. This product is designed for projects where high power switching is required including metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps as well as non-lighting loads of any voltage up to 230VAC.

  • 4 x 32 Amp feed through relays
  • Any phase on any input
  • Mounts to standard Top Hat (TS35) DINrail
  • Switches resistive, inductive and capacitive lighting loads
  • Intelligent ‘Built in’ propagation delay for switching sequence 1-4