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New SCMA0401

Monday 9th March, 2020

Designed and tested to meet the unique demands of mains dimmable LED the SCMA0401 is the ideal solution for your lighting control needs. With our Patent Pending* “iLight Adapt” trailing edge technology the SCMA0401 will adapt to the particular characteristics of each connected LED load to deliver the best possible dimming performance and compatibility.

Scma0401 500x300px News

Scalable dimming curves optimise the effective dimmable range particularly enhancing control and sensitivity at low lighting levels.

In addition to its “iLight Adapt” trailing edge mode the SCMA0401 also offers leading edge and switched modes, selectable by channel, to extend the capabilities beyond just LED loads to other lighting types such as incandescent and halogen lamps for dimming or switching (Note: SCMA0401 is not for use with inductive loads).

With iLight network connectivity the SCMA0401 may be linked with a virtually limitless number of other iLight products to build up any size system. Alternatively, it can provide phase cut dimming capabilities to a DALI system using its DALI input.

*19-IGL-1211 PROV (13682 227745) Draft - Provisional patent application - Adaptive Lighting Dimmer.