This compact controls enclosure has been designed to house a wide variety of iLight DINrail modules. The EN3-42 offers 42 modules of DIN rail space and is optimised to aid quick assembly. Its compact size and capacity make it ideal for mounting a single source controller, Ethernet Gateway or other iLight control products. 

If applied in a retrofit environment, for example replacing SCI, SCLED, SCS or SCH fixed format source controllers, the knockouts to the top of the enclosure align with the knockouts in the previous models so it can be quickly and easily mounted to existing containment without the need for adaption. 

A dedicated knockout is provided for iCANnet connection to the EN3-42 and several accessories are available to aid the installer in connection of the iCANnet network. 

En3 42


  • All metal construction
  • Lockable hinged door
  • 42 DIN modules of enclosure space
  • Front panel and door ventilation
  • Neutral and Earth Terminals
  • Cable tie loops for internal cable management
  • CE & UKCA compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to IS09001 standard


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