DINrail Mounted Source Controllers

The DINrail range utilises the same connectivity as our other products but is designed specifically for the systems integration market. All of the key components are DIN rail mounting enabling installers and integrators to construct their own systems to suit particular projects.

iLight panel solutions offer the ultimate in complete project flexibility with peace of mind. Utilising our in-house design, manufacturing and testing facilities, DINrail modules may be combined with an extensive range of enclosures, switch gear and control modules to deliver a complete, ready to install panel solution.

iCANnet Network Modules


2 Universe Addressable DALI Controller

Scmd2 600x260px


4 Universe Addressable DALI-2 Controller

Scmd4 600x260px Dr


4 x 1 Amp Adaptive mains dimmer optimised for LED loads

Scma0401 600 260px Dr


4 x 2 Amp Adaptive Leading or Trailing Edge Source Controller

Scma0402 600x260px Dr


12 Channel 32 Amp Feed Through Relay Controller

Scmr1232 600x260px Dr


4 Channel 32 Amp Feed Through Relay Controller

Scmr0432 600x260px Dr


12 Channel Digital Dimming Controller

Scmh1200 600x260px Dr

Master & Output Modules


Master control of up to 24 channels of switching and dimming

Mpm2400 600x260px Cls Dr


4 x 2 Amp Inductive Leading Edge Source Controller

Scmi0402 600x260px


8 x 10 Amp Switching Source Controller

Scms0810 600x260px Cls Dr


4 x 10 Amp Change Over Relay & HF Controller

Scmc0410 600x260px Cls Dr


4 x 10 Amp Digital Dimming and Switching Controller

Scmh0410 600x260px Cls Dr