Relay Interface

RI-2 provides a versatile interface between an iLight system and other control systems. This compact unit can be mounted virtually anywhere. It has eight inputs, which may be programmed to be either digital or analogue. The unit also has eight volt-free mains rated low power relays. These allow a wide range of external equipment to be controlled. All inputs and outputs are fully programmable as to their function.

This interface allows the iLight iCANnet™ network to control other systems and other systems to communicate with the iCANnet™ network. RI-2 may be programmed to control curtains & blinds, screens, AV and other presentation equipment as well as controlling contactors for heavier power applications. With the control inputs set to analogue, any 0-10V source can be programmed to control system functions. The unit could also be programmed such that system sequences could be activated by a motion detector or other devices on the iCANnet™ network. The adaptability and versatility of this product make it an essential item in larger, more sophisticated venues where more than just lighting control is required.

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  • 8 Switch Outputs, for LED indication
  • 8 Relay Outputs – volt free changeover contacts with 3A general rating
  • 8 inputs, programmable as analogue or digital
  • Digital inputs used for volt free switches, or motion detectors
  • Analogue inputs any 0-10v signal
  • 2 alarm / auxiliary inputs
  • Audio visual port RS485 including 100 input strings, 100 output strings and selectable Baud rate
  • 16 sequences of 128 steps
  • Configuration stored in Non Volatile EEPROM
  • Firmware storage in reflashable FLASH memory over iCAN network
  • Configurable start up mode
  • CE compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards


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