EG2-NA & EG2

Ethernet Gateway

The Ethernet Gateway provides a connection between an iLight network and an Ethernet LAN. This allows a user to control and configure the iLight system using iCANsoft on a LAN network PC or via the internet rather than by connecting directly into iCANnet™. Where a wireless LAN is in place (or by connecting a wireless router into the Ethernet Gateway) the user can access the network with a Wi-Fi enabled PC running iCANsoft.

The Ethernet Gateway is also the host for the iLight series of remote applications including iOS (iPhone® / iPod touch® / iPad®) and a web server front end where applications are downloaded separately. Coupling the EG-2 to a WIFI network enables scene control, visual feedback and modification from your hand held device.

The Ethernet Gateway also facilitates connection to the internet when used with iCANsoft, a firewall, ISP and a Ethernet switch, this then enables remote connection for programming & obtaining diagnostics of the lighting control system.

The built in astronomical timeclock feature enables pre-programmed timed events for your lighting system. The holiday mode feature delivers an added feeling of security as the system can replay up to 2 weeks of recorded activity whilst the building is unoccupied.

The Ethernet Gateway is available in two versions: EG2-NA - Ethernet Gateway including power supply and steel enclosure.

EG2 - Ethernet Gateway in DINrail enclosure. Power Supply and metal DINRail enclosure available to order separately.

Eg 2 Na Eg 2 600px Pp


  • Connects iLight’s iCANnet™ network to 10/100 Mbps Ethernet/LAN
  • Configurable IP address
  • Facilitates internet and Wi-Fi LAN connection into iCANnet™
  • Astronomical time clock (Requires a permanent internet connection for NTP*)
  • Holiday mode (Replay learned usage when absent**)
  • Supports iLight applications via mobile devices. (iPhone® / iPod touch® / iPad®)
  • Supports ASCII control strings
  • 16 Sequences, each with a maximum of 128 actions
  • Status LEDs
  • CE compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards

* Network time protocol
** Requires time clock to be activated and a permanent internet connection


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