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Master control of up to 24 channels of switching and dimming

This iCANdin™ Master Processor Module provides both control signals and power for iLight’s range of iCANdin™ DIN rail mount power dimmer and switching units (SCM series products). This unit links to these power units with a short serial control cable that loops between the power units within the distribution board.

The controller manages a maximum of 24 channels that can include a mixture of SCM series leading edge dimming, power switching or HF controllers.

The MPM2400 includes a 128 scene integral memory and offers multiple control options to meet the most demanding specifications.

The Controller connects into the iCANnet™ network making it capable of being linked with a virtually limitless number of other iLight products to build up to any size of system.

This product is designed for projects where there are multiple channels of architectural lighting. It is the perfect choice for applications where lower power dimming is required such as residential applications, hotel suites, offices and applications requiring power switching.

  • Built in system power supply
  • Use with SCMI, SCMS, SCMR, SCMC & SCMH slave units
  • Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 58mm
  • Weight: 1 Kilogram


  • Control unit and power supply for iCANdin™ DINrail mount power dimming, switching and HF units
  • Can control up to 24 channels of mixed dimming and switching
  • Intelligent controller that can store up to 128 lighting scenes
  • Programmed with iCANsoft™ which automatically identifies all switching and dimming units connected for simple network configuration
  • Connects into iLight iCANnetTM network and can be used with all standard iLight control panels, interfaces, etc
  • Configuration stored in Non Volatile EEPROM
  • Firmware storage in reflashable FLASH memory over iCAN network
  • Configurable start up mode
  • DINrail mount with lugs for wall mounting if required
  • Circuit protection installed separately as required
  • CE compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards


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