Infrared Programming Handset with LCD display

The HHIR-LCD-PROG is a compact infrared handset used for the operation, configuration and programming of Cooper Lighting Solutions lighting sensors that have the ability to be programmed via IR.

The handset has the following features:

  • USB port: the USB connection can be used for saving device settings and updating the handset’s software
  • Macros: create and save settings that can be recalled to program devices
  • Readback: to read the settings from a device

Programming is achieved by selecting the parameter to be programmed from the appropriate menu and then transmitting the setting to a device by pressing the send button.

Hhir Lcd Prog


  • IR Transmitter LEDs: Sends IR code to a device
  • IR Receiver: Receives IR code from a device for reading back parameters or determining the type of device that is being programmed
  • LCD Screen: Backlit LCD screen with 4 lines of 20 characters. 5 levels of illumination
  • Keypad: Robust tactile keypad with a positive click. Ergonomically designed to be used with one hand. Alphanumeric keys for entering parameter levels and naming macros
  • USB port: Connection port for a USB flash drive / memory stick for program upgrade


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