TXC30 Colour Touchscreen

The LCD touch screen is a flexible device which provides an intuitive “user friendly” method of interfacing to the iCAN control system. The LCD touch screen provides virtually a limitless flexibility of system configuration and control. It is completely software based, and programs can be tailored to suit the precise needs of the user. The touch screen can also be used to provide control of other integrated systems such as audio, curtains, blinds and heating.

The TSX30 incorporates fully customisable graphics which allows the user to create the exact look and feel of their screen. From a welcome page in a hotel suite that includes a background image of the hotel, to a minimalist theme for a home cinema room, the LCD touch screen can be tailored for you. A choice of fascia finishes designed to compliment Sencia and Kensington Ranges, coupled with a comprehensive range of graphic ‘themes’ within the software library allow the touch screen to blend into it’s environment.

Key Features

  • TFT LCD screen with analogue touch overlay
  • 1⁄/4 VGA 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • 65000 Colours available
  • Designed to compliment Sencia and Kensington control panel ranges
  • Selection of Bezel finishes with screw less fixing
  • Supplied with basic configuration installed
  • Standard buttons and backgrounds
    supplied with configuration software
  • Programmable backlight level to
    automatically reduce screen brightness to a non-intrusive level after time out period
  • Password feature to allow different access levels
  • Large memory allows for up to 250 pages depending on graphics used
  • Fits standard UK double gang backbox
  • Fully compatible with all other iLight products
  • Including external DC power supply

‘User Friendly’ Software

Screen design and customisation is achieved using iLight’s bespoke software iCANsoft. iCANsoft incorporates a design mode which allows easy manipulation of each individual page.
Background images can be quickly applied using the browse function and virtual buttons positioned at any point with a simple ‘drag & drop’ action. Buttons can also be animated, producing a ‘press in & out’ effect. By applying a different appearance to the button, they can be used to show when a function has been activated.

Graphic Layout Examples - Click Here



  • Can control an entire building or the adjacent area
  • Full graphical “tell back” control of each and every circuit
  • Full scene set programming functions with “PIN” security options which allows the user to adjust preset levels on lighting scenes
  • Ability to input customers graphics and building plans to provide a bespoke interface
  • Easy to use iCANsoft software for programming via built-in USB port
  • White powdercoat or stainless steel finishes as standard many other bezel finishes available on special order.

TSX30 Datasheet

TSX30 Installation Guide

TSX30 Revit File (BIM)