Source Controllers

iLight source controllers are mechanically elegant, practical to use and above all safe.

They offer unrivalled choice of control with a substantial range of options enabling the specifier and installer to build up any size of system in virtually any combination. All products are future proof due to their software-based structure and upgradeable firmware.

Our extensive experience in architectural lighting controls has enabled us to incorporate a wealth of small, detailed features that collectively make the best all round source controllers available today.


Key features



  • Choice of loads for high frequency ballasts, resistive, inductive, capacitive and switched loads
  • Choice of 4, 8 or 12 channel units to match size of installation required
  • Low noise for standard dimmers or silent operation for trailing edge & adaptive dimmers
  • 128 Scene memory and fully configurable personality
  • Fade rates of 0.1 to 60 minutes per scene
  • RJ12 programming point
  • iLight network port with loop in, loop out terminals for CAT5 cable
  • Audio Visual (RS485) port
  • Optional DMX input
  • Auxiliary over-ride port
  • CE compliant


  • Lockable hinged cover over MCB’s to prevent unauthorised access to interior
  • Standard knock-outs to accommodate
    UK and European conduit



  • Circuit and device protection from a choice of MCB styles to comply with most regulatory standards (single pole, double pole, neutral disconnect or terminals)
  • Voltage and current (real-time) monitoring and shut-down (trailing edge & adaptive only)
  • Patented “iProtect” system to protect lamps and devices from excessive in rush current and short circuit conditions (trailing edge & adaptive only)
  • Emergency lighting terminals
  • LED status indication of channel status levels, iLight network watchdog and electronic bypass status
  • Fail to full on for all units on CPU failure
  • Test switch and electronic bypass switch
  • Over heat protection



Transistor Source Controllers
Dim LED, resistive, inductive and electronic loads. Trailing Edge compatible. No minimum load. Silent operation. Complete with iPROTECT™ lamp protection and auto short circuit


Inductive Source Controllers
Dim resistive, inductive and low voltage electronic transformer loads (that are compatible with leading edge dimmers).


Adaptive Source Controllers
Controller outputs can be adapted to resistive, inductive and capacitive load types.
Very quite operation.
Complete with iPROTECT™ lamp protection and auto short circuit protection. Channels may be selected for leading and trailing edge operation.


Combined Controllers
Cost effective combined controller for inductive, HF ballast and switched loads.
Suitable for AV applications.
4 circuits of inductive, 4 circuits of 1-10V, DSI and DALI ballast control and 4 relays for power switching of non-dim loads.


Digital Dimming and Switching Controllers
Suitable for Broadcast DALI, DSI or 1-10 volt control configurable from iCANsoft. 230V switched relay outputs.


Switched Relay Controllers
Switching of resistive, inductive or capacitive lighting loads.
Quiet operation.




DINrail Mounted Solutions