INEO Control Plates

Ineo is the specification grade range of control panels that combine the easiest user interface in the industry with a large circular on/off button, a universal module with up to 10 configurations, large or small button options, and engraving.

Ineo control panels can be ganged together to meet specific project needs. Individual buttons have backlight indicator lights and strong tactile feedback.

Ineo is the clean, elegant, and simple way to control lighting on your project.


Revio Control Panel Features

  • 10 button insert options
  • Fully configurable functionality
    including room joining, sequencing and programmable logic functions.
  • Flash memory for future proof upgradeability
  • Variable fade times programmable from 0.5 seconds to 60 minutes per button
  • Requires NEMA (US Style) back box


Revio Datasheet

Revio Installation Guide

Revio Revit File (BIM)

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Any button can be configured to one of the following;

  • Scene selection
  • 16 Sequences with up to 128 steps per sequence
  • Scene raise / lower
  • Channel raise / lower
  • Toggle on / off, toggle raise / lower
  • True off
  • Open / close (for curtains & blinds)
  • Raise / lower (motorised screens/blinds)
  • Program (to record a scene locally)
  • Start / pause / stop a sequence



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