CLASSIC Control Plates

These control panels provide the interface between the user and the remote dimmer. Installed in standard single or double gang UK style electrical wallboxes and connected to the dimmer by LV cable, these versatile units can be installed in any chosen position to suit the layout.

Control Panels perform a number of tasks. Their buttons allow users to select lighting scenes, raise or lower levels, or select any other programmed system function. If the Program function is set, they allow lighting scenes to be programmed locally, and their RJ12 socket, when connected to a suitable iCANsoft™ computer, allows full remote access to the whole iCANnet™ network. It is possible to have more than one control panel in an area. When used in this way the indicators in the buttons will show which function is selected in the area irrespective of which control panel activated it.


Classic Control Panel Features

  • Up to 10 configurable, internally illuminated push buttons on a single gang panel. The 'Classic' range is also available as a double gang panel with up to 20 buttons.
  • Integral RJ12 programming point with the Classic range.
  • Optional IR remote control receiver (not available with 10 or 20 button panels)
  • Fully configurable functionality including room joining, sequencing and programmable logic functions.
  • Keyswitch inputs
  • Flash memory for future proof upgradeability
  • Variable fade times programmable from 0.5 seconds to 60 minutes per button
  • Fits standard 35mm deep UK back box


Classic Datasheet

Classic Installation Guide

Classic Revit File (BIM)

Classic Custom Engraving Order Form




Classic Plate Available Finishes - Click Here


Classic Plate Configuration Examples - Click Here


Any button can be configured to one of the following;

  • Scene selection
  • 8 Sequences with up to 30 steps per sequence
  • Scene raise / lower
  • Channel raise / lower
  • Toggle on / off, toggle raise / lower
  • True off
  • Open / close (for curtains & blinds)
  • Raise / lower (motorised screens/blinds)
  • Program (to record a scene locally)
  • Start / pause / stop a sequence





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