System Accessories

In addition to our interfacing tools iLight also provide a number of accessories to further enhance the capability and usability of the iLight control system.


iCANnet Cable


Eaton iCANnet Cable

iCANnet Network Cable is specifically designed to connect between each device on an iLight control system. The cable consists of 2 x 18 AWG tinned copper wire with PE Insulation (Power pair) and 2 x 22 AWG screened tinned copper wire with PE Insulation (data pair). There is also a tinned copper drain wire in contact with the aluminium foil screen. The cable is sheathed overall in LSZH.




Astronomical Time Clock

The TC-1 is a surface mounting electronic time clock with astronomical facility and LCD display. It connects to the iLight network and is fully programmable using either the front panel keyboard or iCANsoft™ PC based software for daily or date specific events.

  • 255 events
  • 8 sequences with up to 30 steps per sequence
  • Scene selection and programming
  • Channel level raise and lower





iLight hand held remote

  • 8 scene buttons
  • Off button
  • Raise and lower controls
  • 6 additional configurable buttons