Architectural Applications




From a hotel lobby and reception areas to individual suites, iLight lighting controls have the solution for creating the right impression. Our distributed intelligence network permits flexible system design, modification and installation from 2 to more than 65,000 devices.


In service environments ambience is key. Creating the right mood for social interaction, drinking and dining is critical to the customer experience.
The lighting mood for morning coffee, lively lunches or intimate dinners can all be achieved simply and effectively using stylish engraved buttons and plates.

Conference Halls

Automatically configure your lighting in response to partition settings. Select and recall tailored lighting scenes according to use; from an exhibition or conference to a wedding reception. Use key switches and passwords to protect use interfaces from unothorised use.

Museums & Galleries

Sensitively desplay exhibits in the best possible light or limit light levels as needed. Easily adapt lighting programs according to the changing nature of the exhibits. Touchscreens enable user to easily re-program and store revised lighting levels.


When you only have a few seconds in which to attract and engage potential customers; presenting merchandise with maximum visual impact is critical. Lighting is a strong differentiator and can quickly communicate your identity and values such as quality, luxury and style. Remote access permits chain wide changes to be effected without necessarily visiting site.

Casinos, Bars & Clubs

From simple mood lighting to stunning visual effects including chase and colour changing sequences, an iLight control system can manage complex lighting at the touch of a button.

Interior and Exterior Public Spaces

Interior and exterior lighting of buildings and city architecture has transformed urban environments over the last few years. Famous landmarks can be now be appreciated outside of daylight hours and previously labelled eyesore’s can be shown in a new light, literally. Astronomical time clocks and wide range of RCD/RCBO protected devices make light work of demanding specifications.

Spas & Leisure Resort

Local controls for treatment rooms with central overides enable users to midify their local light settings whilst still retaining executive control.

Cruise Ships

A wide range of standard and custom control plates delivers the appropriate fit and finish for circulation areas, private cabins and state rooms. Integrate with DMX, entertainment and AV systems for ship wide solutions. Star and Delta power systems supported.

Places of Worship

Historic heritage sites require a blend of architectural highlighting, periodically transitioning to a serious working environment. Key protected local control plates combined with switching and dimming of large loads make iLight an ideal choice.

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