Why iLight?


We relish working with creative teams during the design phase. The exhaustive choice of products and peripherals within the iLight range will enhance, not limit or constrain the design process. The iLight range includes a comprehensive selection of source controllers that can control virtually any light source including resistive, capacitive and inductive loads, fluorescent 0-10V, DALI and DSI, cold cathode, neon, LED, DMX512 and switched loads.

Eaton Lighting Systems has extensive experience in working with award winning lighting designers, providing the control tools to help them create ground breaking, innovative and inspirational lighting.



For those installing our products we have worked hard to ensure that they are straight forward and easy to install. The iLight network is connected using readily available Cat5 cabling and uses the extremely robust “CANbus” protocol for communicating network messages.

The iLight system also offers RS232 and RS485 for easy integration with AV and other peripheral equipment. A range of interfaces allows the cost effective iLight system to form the hub of a smart-home installation, removing the need for additional control systems.

Distributed intelligence across the range also means that the system is easily scalable and unlike many alternative systems, is not reliant on a single central processor.




At the front end of the system we offer a
wide choice of user interfaces in a variety
of styles and finishes to match in with individual tastes or themes. Eaton Lighting Systems offers a custom service for generating bespoke control panels. Our cost effective LCD colour touchscreens can import graphics, logo’s or 3D building plans to create unique designs.

The iLight system is software based. It
provides the user with immense flexibility and is easy to live with. The configuration and programming software coupled with configurable user interfaces means that the system operation can be easily and conveniently changed as needed. This allows owners to obtain maximum benefit and low cost of ownership from the system during the lifetime of the installation.



Peace of mind

When installed, operated and maintained
correctly, the iLight product range is designed to be durable and reliable. We take our CE compliance very seriously, utilising both in-house and independent test houses to ensure we comply. Eaton Lighting Systems is ISO90001:2008 accredited and we offer a 30 month standard warranty on all of our products.

Special Projects
Our engineering department thrive on providing technical solutions to design lead innovation. Our team of engineers have a vast range of experience in dealing with all manner of complexity and scale of projects. Eaton Lighting Systems is able to deliver bespoke solutions and manage their execution to a successful completion, on time and on budget.