Why iLight?


We relish working with designers from around the globe.  Our wide portfolio can even enhance the freedom of the design process to help create ground breaking, innovative and inspirational lighting designs.

The iLight range includes a comprehensive selection of lighting source controllers, peripherals and software tools  to control virtually any light source type.



The iLight network is simple to install and connect using simple building blocks. System integrity is assured  by using a robust and proven network communication protocol.  Distributed intelligence across the range also means that the system is easily scalable and unlike many alternative systems, is not reliant on a single central processor. A high level of external connectivity completes the package making iLight networks attractive for integration within wider building systems.

From high end  hotels to smart homes , from offices to hospitals and museums to airports iLight systems have the built in flexibility to deliver.  




The human-machine interface is critical to the success of any user experience. .  The pleasurable simplicity of the user experience interacting with  keypads, touchscreens and sensors is due to the power and flexibility of the programming software that underlies.  Even the most complex sequence of operations can be simply achieved.

The iLight range offers a wide choice of user interfaces, styles, finishes and graphics to match individual tastes or themes.  Our custom service can also be used to create affordable bespoke control panels and graphics as required.



Peace of mind

With more than 10,000 successful projects completed  its reassuring to know that iLight products are designed and built in our own facilities to ISO9001:2015 quality standards  and are supported by a network of Eaton offices , engineers and trained partners around the world.  System parameters  can be easily and conveniently updated over the lifetime of the installation to ensure maximum performance, energy saving  and low cost of ownership.

Special Projects
Our team of engineers have a vast range of experience in dealing with all manner of complexity and scale of projects. Eaton Lighting Systems is able to deliver bespoke solutions and manage their execution to a successful completion, on time and on budget, no matter the size of the project .